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American Speedy East Peoria, IL | Web Marketing

With new online channels popping up every day, it’s hard for most small and mid-sized businesses to know all the options – not to mention understand them. With experience in both print and Web promotions, let us help you integrate traditional and interactive tactics into the most effective communications plan. Here are just two ways we can help:

Website design. If you’re like most, you likely already have a website. Perhaps it just needs a facelift that may be as simple as adding some fresh content or graphics, placed in a way to make it easier for users to navigate through your site and find the information they want. At the same time, we can make your site more attractive to search engines, too, to help improve your rankings in search results.

Email marketing. Used in combination with your printed mail, email is an inexpensive way to increase communications frequency through a regular customer e-newsletter and special promotional e-cards or as a follow-up to a direct mail piece.

Let’s talk about new ways to get you wired.